At our clinic we offer a full range of therapeutic services, including evaluation, consultation and treatment, in both individual and group formats.  Through this site, we offer consultation via skype, to parents who live too far away to bring their children to our clinic for direct therapy.  This is ideal for those who live in remote areas as well as for anyone wishing to have individual support as they use the products we sell.  For more information about our consulting services, give us a call or go to our contact page and send us an email.

Occupational therapy focuses on enhancing and facilitating development of fine motor, visual-motor integration, and visual perceptual skills, as well as addressing sensory processing disorders. Problems in any of these areas can make it hard for a child to do his best.

Occupational therapist uses play as a tool to build skills that enhance development. By adapting tasks and the environment, OT’s prevent disability, maximize independent function, and manage behaviors.

Kids use fine motor skills to manage self-care tasks such as eating, dressing, bathing and grooming.  They use visual-motor integration skills when they need to copy shapes or learn to write. Visual-perceptual skills come into play when the brain interprets visual information brought to it through the eyes.

Sensory Processing Disorder can affect a child'sability to self-regulate, which leads to tantrums and difficult behaviors.  It can also cause a child to have difficulty organizing herself or tolerating sensory stimulation.  Even everyday challenges such as a crowded school cafeteria can be a daunting challenge for the child with sensory processing dysfunction.

SLP programs focus on effective production of speech sounds, acquisition of language skills, eating and swallowing, and pragmatics of language.  In addition to individual treatment our speech therapists run social skills groups for children ages 5-12.

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