About Us

Tools to Grow Kids is a site developed by occupational therapists from the pediatric clinic, Way to Grow.  As we have worked with families over the past several years, we have found ourselves recommending certain items over and over again. We created Tools to Grow Kids so all the best games, toys and resources would be available to families in one user-friendly place.

Way to Grow provides occupational therapy and speech services to pediatric clients and their families.  We have a strong family education focus because we believe that no one knows a child better than his or her family.  Helping the family to better understand a child’s theraputic needs and finding ways for families to support development at home is a primary goal.  Knowing more about your child and providing the right toys and games enhances the value of play time at home and it can make all the difference in terms of how a child develops. 

To learn more about Way to Grow visit our web page at http://www.way2grow.com/
Tools to Grow Kids
Tools to help parents with kids who have special needs